Thursday, 9 January 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser ♡

Everyone including me has been going crazy over Maybelline's Baby Lips, so it wasn't much of a surprise that as soon i as i saw the Baby Skin Primer i had to pick one up or two to be exact. I was lucky, from what i have heard they've been selling out pretty quick and most are struggling to get their hands on them. I have had a very love hate relationship with primers so naturally i knew i had to give these little beauty's a shot.

The primer is a silicone gel which is personally my favourite kind of primer, i have tried many in the past though and its very easy for them to actually work against your end goal. Make-up can slide off, nothing will blend, or they smell very weird. However, you will be pleased to know Baby Skin is completely fragrance free and does exactly what it says on the tin.. errr bottle? ;)

Here i have a video review of the product where you can see me using it in action, the difference between my skin before the primer and after is already huge. Let alone when i tried to put my make-up on, everything was smoother and softer and blended amazingly.

I absolutely love this product and would 100% recommend it if you already don't have a favourite primer. Those people who prefer water based primers may not love this as it does drastically change the way your skin feels. But if you're looking for smoother looking skin and plenty of make up staying power. This is your new best baby blue friend.

I bought these products from boots costing £7.99 in store however, you can buy them on-line here.

Additional Product Information:

Bye bye pores one second away from poreless baby skin!

On contact, translucent gel melts on skin and instantly erase pores, imperfections, lines and creases.

Skin looks instantly transformed into a perfect smooth canvas.

Skin is shine free, even and baby smooth for all day.

No burden to skin.

Mistake proof.

No mirror need.

Does not clog pores.

So light, you forget it's on.

How to Use:

Apply all over face or on concerned areas.
Suitable for all skin tones and types.
Pack Size - 22ml

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  1. Loved your YouTube review of this! It seems easier to order online that to see in store - I plan on giving this a try!



  2. Hmm, I've tried the Baby Lips stuff before. Really liked it! It's right here on my desk actually, haha. XD If I can find this one in Australia, I might give it a try.