Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Welcome to my blog :3

*Clears throat* Hey.. okay this is awkward, i'm writing this pretending you're watching me write.. and you're probably reading this as if i'm talking to you. Yes, i usually make videos but oddly i have always enjoyed writing. Despite my best efforts though i have never been that great at it. Army's of grammar nazi's have tried to take me down but yet again here i am.

Most of you know i have to write a lot for work, whether its interviews or reviews or even news posts. Its refreshing, i like being able to sit here in my dark office, massaging my keyboard with my fingertips and still look utterly disgraceful and not worrying about who can see me. Videos require the right mood, look, lighting, sound, camera, topic. Sometimes i just honestly cannot be fussed, especially with my recent health issues.

However, i would still love to put content out and blogs seem cool again aright? I mean everyone has one.. whether they use it to support their video content or write blogs on things they otherwise wouldn't make videos on. Either way i love the idea and would really love it if you would join me here.

I just threw this site together super fast.. it looks very messy and nyeeeeh who knows if i will even still use blogspot.. i am not that blog savvy as you can probably guess so if you have any suggestions pleaaaase let me know :) (i love my friend Beckii's blog.. its so pretty.. i want one day mine to be as kawaii and cute.)

Also, i cannot promise what will be here, whether ill discuss content ideas, talk about gaming, our vlogs, cats, makeup, clothes.. honestly, this will just be my life dumped on the interspace and you will be able to sift through the stuff you want to care about and the stuff that makes you throw up a little in your mouth.

Thanks for reading :3 i liked this.. reading is good for you.. so i saved one of your braincells.. thank me by following my blog.. and i will continue to save your cells of braininess.

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  1. Blogging is a great way to just let stuff off your chest sometimes. I love it. Problem is what content should be in your blog and what should be in a video. That's the hard part. But I enjoyed the read and look forward to more posts

  2. Hey Kaeyi, good first blog ! Hope you feel the urge to write more :)

  3. The start of something new... Amazing

  4. Hey Kaeyi love all your YouTube channels and so exited you started a blog! You're right blogging is Cool! I've got a blog too :) if you fancy taking a look!



  5. I think this is a really good new, fresh idea from you Kaeyi. These Blogs (Even though there has only been one) still keep your fun and random personality, which is fun to read. Can't wait for further posts, Byee!

  6. Good to see you joining the ~blogosphere~, or whatever it's called! Silly Blogger ate my last comment. :( Personally I'd recommend using Wordpress; once you install it (which is admittedly a pain in the bum the first time) it's much more customisable than Blogger, which makes it much more personal, and even professional if that's what you're going for!

    If you need any help setting it up feel free to poke me, or any other number of WP bloggers who are able to get it set up and I'm sure would be happy to help! Otherwise, best of luck with the blog. Just followed you on Bloglovin!

    I'm over at (gaming and lifestyle blog) /

    Kirsty x